Discover just how amazing Drupal is for your business

Discover just how amazing Drupal is for your business
June 18, 2019 admin
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There are content management systems and there are the likes of Drupal. This is a fantastic CMS with impeccable powers. When you decide to create a website, then you will have to consider a number of content management. You will definitely be spoilt for choice because there are just so many of these platforms available for you to select from. Drupal ranks highly among the best of these CMS. This is because it brings amazing features with it, which makes managing a website such as an effortless task. For search engine optimization purposes, this is a really good option to go with.

Why people have problems with Drupal

Of course, while you were choosing a content management system, you heard a lot of issues about Drupal. There are people who say that Drupal is just pathetic, it is hard to use and that it does not have a good support system and such negative comments. This is not the case at all. To understand Drupal you will have to use it. It is definitely not the best for those who want to create a website for the very first time. It will give you quite a task to work on. It is especially a favorite for many experts in web development.

The main problem with Drupal is that it does not have such a large following like WordPress. Getting information concerning your WordPress website is not difficult at all. There are so many people using WordPress and therefore finding information regarding the CMS is easy. The same cannot be said about Drupal, but all the same, there is a lot of content available online to assist you whenever you are stuck. Aside from this challenge, everything else about Drupal is just great. It is easy to use and it makes things so much easier for you as well.

Why Drupal is awesome for SEO

Drupal is just an amazing CMS and especially so when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. Every person who creates a website wants it to be successful on the world wide web. This essentially means that they want the site to get a lot of traffic and perform well on the search engine. With Drupal you get:

  • URLs optimized for search engines

Drupal gives you total control over the structure of your URL. Each piece of content that you create on Drupal (node) can get a custom URL created for it. It is possible to set Drupal such that it generates URLs that are user and search engine friendly automatically. This is just fantastic for you if you just do not have the time to think about URLs all the time. In another CMS like WordPress, you are going to be limited to just one specific type of permalink URL for each and every post you make. It is possible to override these permalink URLs, but then they do not get any more specific than the Drupal generated URLs. Joomla is following suit with this feature as well.



  • Custom content views and types

Perhaps the best thing about Drupal is its customizability. It is so easy to customize everything that you do on the website. For instance, you can use the content construction kit and view various modules to create new content types and also create advanced custom views for these types. The most common examples that exist include blog posts, books, news stories, and albums. All of these can be created and exhibited in a multitude of ways. A number of content management systems require you to get some additional code that you will use for creating these content types. You do not need any kind of programming experience to do this on Drupal.

  • Supports all sorts of websites

What is your website all about? The White House has its official website developed on Drupal. This just goes to show how much faith people have in this system. A good number of companies have created clocking systems on Drupal as well. This is a platform that allows you to keep track of your employees and simplify your payroll processing tasks. Their people who just want a blog site and others are looking for something a bit more serious like an e-commerce site– all of these can be done right on Drupal.

  • Edit and revise

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most professional of companies. Therefore, you should have the opportunity to correct and edit errors in your content. Remember that high-quality content is of great importance if you want your website to be successful. Drupal has a built-in version control which allows you to save the new versions of your website each time they are edited. This allows you the opportunity to go back to your older versions at any moment you please. If you would like to try out a different version of some article on your website but you are not sure how it will perform, you are welcome to use this feature. If the article does not attract as much attention as the previous one, then you can always revert to the previous page instantly.

  • Integrate Google analytics

There is no way you can work without data and expect that your website will perform excellently. This is why there are measuring tools available for you. Google Analytics is one such measuring tool. You can use it to assess the amount of traffic that is being directed to your site and even check the sites that are receiving the most attention. Drupal integrates with Google Analytics better than any other CMS.

  • Organize your site better

Drupal has a healthy built-in categorization system which allows you to tag and organize content with the best performing keywords. This system is incredibly flexible; for instance, you can use the free tagging for some content types like blogs and products while the news stories might get a list of categories to be selected from a dropdown, which is usually defined by the webmaster. This makes your site easier to use because it is more organized.


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