Solutions to your e-commerce business queries

Solutions to your e-commerce business queries
May 11, 2019 admin
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In order to get success as an e-commerce business owner, it is crucial that you take care of a few essential details. In this article, you will be learning what you need to do set your e-commerce business up.

Quality products:

Online shopping is built on trust. Customers will be buying your products by reading their descriptions. So you must provide products which are good and are exactly as you have described them in your e-commerce website. You must not sell duplicate products or products of inferior quality. You must always ensure that you are selling high-end products to your customers. This will help you to generate more faith in the eyes of the consumers.


In an e-commerce business, it is vital that you provide good discounts on your products. Customers will prefer to buy from your store only if you are able to give better discounts and prices compared to the prices they get when they shop in offline retail stores. You will have to do your calculations with your sellers. Find the optimum discount amounts that they can provide you with. You will be able to transfer the discounted amount by just managing the number of products that you sell. If you sell more products then you can afford to offer more discounts. But ultimately the pricing of the products will stay in the hands of the sellers and not your e-commerce venture. Thus, you must look to involve more sellers for the same range of products so that you can get better prices for them.

Payment options:

You will have to provide clear options for payment to your customers. It can give options like cash on delivery or payment by debit and credit cards. You must ensure that if payments are not completed or if a customer makes the payment, but the amount doesn’t get transferred then that amount be reverted back to their accounts within a certain period of time. This will help your company to establish more credibility with the customer. It will boost transparency in the financial aspect of your business. Also, you need to mention how customers can avail gift cards and other extra added discounts like cash backs and so on.


You will have to find ways to ensure that you can always deliver your products on time. You need to provide clear cut options to your customers about the range of duration during which you can guarantee your deliveries like one day or two days or a week. Provide updates as to where their products are in the shipment process at any particular time. All these systems can become automated when you find the right logistics company for your delivery services. However, you should also have the chance to mention if any extra charges would be levied for faster delivery and what is the minimum billing amount for the delivery process to become free.


Logistics is one of the most crucial aspects of an e-commerce business. You will have to make deliveries to people’s houses on time. Ensure that the right product gets shipped to them and that it does not get damaged either in the process. But this can seem to you to be a very daunting thing to be able to assure all of these without suffering any glitches; however, you need to understand that all this can be fixed easily by choosing the right delivery service company. You need to find a company that can guarantee the transportation services so that your products can be delivered to the customers without any hassles.

Customer care:

Perhaps the essential thing that you should ensure is proper customer care. There can be several reasons why a customer might want to contact you once he or she has purchased your product. This can be because they are not satisfied with the product they got, or perhaps they have received something they did not order, or maybe their product got damaged during the shipping or even for exchanging. The reasons and the possibilities can be endless here. But it is crucial that you should provide them with a platform where they can address these issues and contact you to get their issues redressed. You can allow them to contact you via social media platforms.

A lot of brands and e-commerce companies extensively use Facebook and Twitter to let customers contact them. You will need to have a social media managing team for this purpose. There will be a lot of people who would want to contact you. Aside from this, you must have a 24-hour call facility service where consumers can call your customer care help desk. This is to state their problems. If you have an app, then you should have a dedicated page for customer care services with a call to action button. Also, you should have email and chat options available too and post regular updates via text messages to your consumers about the extent to which their problems have been resolved.

If you want to find more innovative ways to help boost your e-commerce business, then it is essential that you contact a professional company who can design a proper digital strategy based on the requirements of your organization. They can nourish you with the necessary information and guidance from the best experts and professionals in the industry.


The e-commerce market is booming throughout the world. There have been a lot of business owners who have ventured into the world of e-commerce in the last few years, but only a handful have been able to become household names. The simple formula of having success in the e-commerce industry is to have a fully functional business website and provide quality products to the customers on time. IT will take a lot of efforts on your part to get these things going. But you have to start with your logistics and your sellers and then gradually move up to the range of products you want to sell and so on. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article would have helped you.

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