Michelle Obama Did Not Want to Embarrass Her Daughter Sasha When Seeing Her Off at College

Michelle Obama Did Not Want to Embarrass Her Daughter Sasha When Seeing Her Off at College
December 14, 2019 admin
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Michelle Obama has started to feel the sadness of the empty nest but a mother is never done with her mothering. The former first lady was responsible for appearing on a show. In one interview with Jenna Bush Hager, where she was going to talk about the Vietnam trip with Julia Roberts. For raising awareness regarding the education of girls. Like any other proud mother, she stated that she dropped her youngest daughter, Sasha, at college.

Bush Hager immediately asked her if there were tears. To this question, Michelle replied that though there were tears. They were good at handling it, particularly because her daughter’s roommates were present. She also stated that in the end, it was a little difficult to control the tears. Malia, Barack Obama, and Michelle were in tears.

Michelle Obama on parenting

When they got into the car, Sasha Obama was driving the car. When she said the last goodbye, they were all in tears. Michelle Obama was responsible for perfectly summing up parenting as well as letting go of her two grown-up daughters. She said that she was extremely proud of her daughters and she was also extremely excited because they were growing up and also started to become independent. However, a mother can never stop being a mother irrespective of how old her children became. Obama also stated that there will always be a little sadness because they would not sit on your lap anymore once they grow up and listen to almost every word that you say. She unhappily said that those days were over.

Obama was responsible for sharing a family photo recently, which showed her eldest daughter Malia, 21, the younger daughter, Sasha, 18, and Barack Obama. The daughter-duo entered the White House at the ages of 10 and 7 respectively. The Obamas were responsible for dropping Malia at college in 2017.

Obama on her daughters

Obama said that it was her daughters that inspired her to be the voice for the girls’ education in Vietnam. She stated that both her daughters are compassionate and smart, and most importantly, they were a representation of almost all the girls of Vietnam and other girls from different parts of the world. This is one important reason why she is so passionate about the education of girls. She further said that she sees herself and her daughters in those girls, and they are nothing different.

Girls’ education has always been an important cause concerning people from different parts of the globe. There are still many male-dominated societies where girls are not allowed to study and receive basic education also. The statement given by Michelle Obama about the girls being like her daughters can change the thinking of people. Not only that, but her trip to Vietnam regarding the education of girls will also bring about a lot of change in the world. It can be hoped that soon there will be places where girls are also equally being sent to study like the boys, without any discrimination.

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