Choosing the Best Group Travel Option

Choosing the Best Group Travel Option
June 13, 2019 admin
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Most working professionals only get a few weeks of holiday every year, and even though individual travel is perhaps the most ideal form of travel, to get the most out of these weeks, one might have to settle for group travel. The need to balance between busy lifestyles and a growing interest in emerging exotic destinations has resulted in a growth in the group tours trend. Today, an increasing number of tour companies offer group trips to various countries across the world. However, with so many competing big names and the allure of marketing language. It can be difficult to make a choice. How exactly does one know whether the type of group tour they have chosen will give the highest value for their money? Here are some clever tricks;

Apples with apples

The first step in making a group tour choice is settling on the type of tour one wants, then making a choice among the alternatives available. There is no use choosing between a guided bus tour. A smaller adventure where the tour guides use private or public transportation. If one uses a travel agent to book, do not be bullied into choosing the first option suggested. These are never necessarily the best available option. Sometimes, the big travel companies enter into deals with agents to push their tours above every other suggestion available. Even after choosing the type of group tour to go to, check the fine print. Even if they all appear the same, there are almost always subtle differences that will not be immediately apparent.


Do not mistake the label cheap or budget travel to immediately mean the best value for money. Also, do not mistake the high cost for high quality. While there are many genuinely cheap travel options that offer the best for their customers at that price, and genuine luxury companies for those who can afford it, the tours and travel industry has a lot of marketing gimmicks. A cheap trip could yield a lot, but one has to do some due diligence first. While cheaper trips could include simpler cost-saving options, they might also fail to include a lot in terms of activities and places to visit.


To save those bucks, avoid extras offered by the tour company such as pre or post trip accommodation or airport transfers. It is always advisable to do these through one’s hotel or do the booking independently. A private airport transfer company booked through one’s company will most likely be more expensive than the regular airport taxi. Even then, consider the trade-off with the fact that a pre-booked private taxi offers peace of mind when one arrives. Consider such factors as the destination, the time differences, and the time or arrival.

The whole point of going on a holiday trip is to not have the responsibility of always planning every detail of one’s day-to-day routine, and simply enjoy oneself. However, the only way this works is if the option of group tour chosen is one that is affordable and enjoyable.

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