A Step-By-Step (12 Month) Guide That Removes The Complexity Out Of Planning For Your Wedding

A Step-By-Step (12 Month) Guide That Removes The Complexity Out Of Planning For Your Wedding
June 17, 2019 admin
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The nikki catsura photographs wedding day is by far the biggest day that a couple will ever celebrate in their entire lifetime. That goes without saying. And therefore to make sure that everything goes well. You need to have plans, solid, well-thought plans calculated at least one year to the tentative wedding day. This means that you need to understand all the mechanics. Details should have figured out at the very least 365 days to the day.

Now, as with any type of planning, there are items that will be at the forefront and others which will have to take the back seat. That is to say, that each activity needs to be prioritized by virtue of its importance. I would like to recommend to you a structured way of getting tasks done which has been successfully used in military circles. It is now in vogue amongst other management professions. This methodology is known by its acronym SMART.

SMART is made up of the following words; Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related. We will use this system for your wedding planning in order to break down the things that need to be accomplished before the wedding day(Of course this is after you have worked out your budget);

12 Months Prior To The Big Day – Dates

  • Select the tentative dates for the wedding.
  • If you choose to, this is the best time to have an engagement party.

10 Months Prior To The Big Day–Venues & Services

  • Check for the availability of the church, reception area and photo shoot session locations on the day that you have settled down to like your wedding day.
  • You should also check for the availability of the service providers- florists, photographers, décor, videographers, pastry chef, gourmet chef, transportation, hair, music, and make-up.

8 Months Prior To The Big Day– People

  • Narrow down on the key people who will be needed for the smooth running of the wedding day- MC, bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends and family members, the number of guests and the celebrant. Make sure that they confirm availability to play the assigned role on the chosen wedding date.

6 Months Prior To The Big Day– Attire

  • Make sure that all the dresses and suits for you, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready.
  • Get the rings that will be used for the nuptials ready too. While you are at it confirm the availability of the hairdressers and make-up artists too.

4 Months Prior To The Big Day– Bookings

  • Go ahead and make the necessary bookings for all the venues mentioned in the second point above. Make the necessary payments to have the reception area and photoshoot locations locked down for your use.
  • Make an official booking with the civil registry and the celebrant. At this point too it is a good idea to book accommodations (if it will be an out-of-town wedding) and a honeymoon location.
  • For the services which require a down payment, go ahead and pay at this point. They are such as caterers and pastry chefs.

2 Months Prior To The Big Day– Invitations

  • After you have confirmed that all the above-mentioned points are in order, you can then go ahead and print out the wedding cards and send them out to the people who you want to be present on your big day.

The remaining 2 months up until the wedding day should be spent fine-tuning all the above-mentioned aspects and getting mentally prepared for the real deal, the wedding day.




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