Proven Marketing Tactics for Small Business Growth – The Saivian Eric Dalius Recommendations

Proven Marketing Tactics for Small Business Growth – The Saivian Eric Dalius Recommendations
September 14, 2021 admin
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Even if it is exhilarating, establishing a startup and making it successful is a challenge like nothing else. Saivian Eric Dalius says You need to choose the right products and research the profile and buying habits of your target audience so that you can achieve the right positioning. You also need to select the right distribution channels and commence marketing and advertising the brand to build the brand image and generate sales leads. Some effective marketing tactics that can help you to move ahead fast and make a mark with your customers:

Build an SEO and User-Friendly Website, Advises Saivian Eric Dalius 

One of the essential marketing tools for businesses is the website. However, you can maximize its reach and effectiveness only if you optimize it for SEO. If the URL is easily visible on Google, the website will receive more traffic, observesSaivian Eric Dalius. The most effective way of implementing SEO on your website is by creating high-quality, relevant, and original content. Also, use relevant keywords in the content as well as page titles, Meta descriptions, and page URLs. Also, making the website mobile responsive is essential because nowadays more than half of web searches are performed on handheld devices.

Connect With Audiences with a Compelling Brand Story 

Since the marketing environment is full of me-too products and services, you need to make a difference by connecting with your audience in a meaningful way to establish your brand. Devising and telling an engaging brand story can be an effective way of establishing authenticity and making memorable impressions. In addition to text, using images and videos to tell the brand story can make it more engaging, says Saivian Eric Dalius.

Leverage Social Media

Businesses can lose out on the opportunity of increasing their brand reach and connecting with their target audiences if they are not present on the social media platforms used by them. The good thing is that even though you need to invest time and effort in creating engaging content, there is little cost in financial terms involved. The trick is to be present on the platforms where your customers are active, post engaging content at the times when they are most active, be consistent in your posting, and actively promote your website. Using a mix of popular and specific hashtags and employing analytics to track the performance of your account is vital.

Implement a Rewards and Referral Program, Recommends Saivian Eric Dalius

Small businesses often underestimate the efficacy of a rewards and referral program. It is, however, a highly effective strategy for building a customer franchise. Customers feel happy to be a part of an exclusive group and get the benefit of discounts. They also earn reward points when they recommend the business to others. First-time customers are also more confident of making purchases when the brand is referred to them by people they know and trust.


There are dozens of other marketing tactics small businesses can use to boost their brand awareness and sales. However, the strategies discussed here will act as the bedrock of every initiative they take to build a robust business.

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