Martin Polanco: Psychedelic drugs alter the brain structure to facilitate healing

Martin Polanco: Psychedelic drugs alter the brain structure to facilitate healing
March 20, 2020 admin
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Martin Polanco the domain of psychedelic drugs and treatment is vast! There are several misconceptions about it, in which the new-age alternative medicine practitioners and psychedelic drug dealers are demystifying. For starters, it is essential to know the way these drugs impact the mind and the entire brain. Some of the common after-effects include intense sounds, vivid images, and finally, shifting to greater self-awareness and realization. It is in this altered state of consciousness that healing of mental issues and trauma takes place. However, it is necessary to consume psychedelic drugs under a specific ambiance and in a particular measure. It would be best if you also resort to expert guidance about procuring the same from a secured source.

Connecting with the spiritual realm

Some of the popular psychedelic drugs include the famous ayahuasca, MDMA, and DMT. There’s also the much talked about magical mushrooms. As you consume either of these, you can experience a sensory change, which will create a mind-bending effect. It will connect you to the spirit or metaphysical world and also deepen your connection. Not every psychedelic trip is the same. So, you can’t expect the same effect from any drug. For instance, if you are selecting DMT, then you can expect the impact to last till about twenty minutes.

The duration becomes irrelevant after a point of time! Psychedelic drugs are potent. And have a significant impact on neural activity. The brain starts to function in a less constrained manner, and people can feel their emotions. The brain networks are better connected, which helps in attaining a higher state of consciousness. It tends to increase your intuition and sense of introspection. Today, people associated with psychic reading and mediumship also opt-in for these drugs for heightened perception.

Several individuals are helping people understand the therapeutic advantages of psychedelics. In treating the mind and also in seeking the metaphysical realm. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Martin Polanco.

Helps people to treat their mental imbalances

Life isn’t the same for all! There are situations where people get subjected to trauma and pain. And an excessive amount of it creates mental instabilities. Which makes them react and respond in a hostile manner. People might develop mood disorders, addiction, anger issues, and the like. Psychedelic drugs provide a treatment scope for all these and many more. When consumed under a controlled ambiance, correct measure, and the presence of a guide, it helps people to reach a state of calm and acceptance. In this state, they can see and accept their self-destructive behavior without any fear, shame, or embarrassment. They don’t become emotionally numb. Just that in this state, their mind reaches an excellent sense of objectivity.

Some of the best psychedelics, such as psilocybin and LSD, are known to boost serotonin. This brain chemical gets involved with several functions like perception and mood management. Hence, the drugs mimic this brain chemical’s impact and result in subjective experience. Usually, the effects take place in the temporal lobe, which is involved with memory functioning. Therefore, consuming psychedelic drugs might remove the memories associated with trauma, guilt, stress, and depression in the temporal lobe.

Psychedelics impact the brain in endless ways. Today, there’s increasing research on the same, which helps to establish its therapeutic benefits when consumed under guidance.

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