Making Space in a Tight Bathroom

Making Space in a Tight Bathroom
February 14, 2018 admin
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Sometimes, a small bathroom might feel like a condemnation. It is one of the sacred places in the house, and having it too crowded is simply a turn off. But at least once in most people’s lives, they find themselves having to live with a small bathroom. This does not have to seem like a death sentence. A smart designer will know what to do in such situations. So, making seemingly simple design decisions that will free up a lot of space. Here are some of the suggestions they might think about;

The sink of Bathroom

Sometimes, the common pedestal sink might occupy too much space and disrupt the only traffic lane available in and out the bathroom. Bathroom sinks are a necessity, but why not put them in the corner? When in the corner, it works better than when one has it across the shower, where the opening and closing of the door will likely require an awkward walk around.

The shower door

Speaking of shower doors, getting rid of them might be a good idea to save space and make it easy to move within and out of the bathroom. Replace the typical revolving glass doors with a shower curtain. Revolving doors move in and out, while the curtains move sideways. These can be ideal with shower-tub combos, which normally can fit in a small space.

You can add something like decorative art to your bathroom.

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The vanity

The vanity does not have to be from the floor up. Having it float can free up a lot of space to place the smaller items and make the bathroom appear even bigger. In such a small space, the freedom to move around is key in making the room appear bigger. With this in mind, have the vanity rounded, instead of being the traditional square shaped with sharp edges. Do not be too concerned about whether it will work in a square space as it definitely will. Such a round one becomes less of a hazard for those hips.

The counter

This is a somewhat unconventional one, but extending the counter above the toilet works wonders when looking to make space for the smaller objects. The counter extension can be done with either a stone or wooden slab. The placement of the toilet will not be affected, and the space created will be just enough for those additional items that are essential in the bathroom.

The mirror

Mirrors are known as a necessity in the bathroom. Still, their functionality can be more than what they are typically used for. Mirrors give the illusion of space, and slightly increasing the size of the mirror in the bathroom gives the illusion that the room is much bigger. Some experts even recommend having a mirror so big that two people can use it at the same time.

Towel bar

With minimal space, mounting the towel on the shower door comes in handy. This might mean having to store extra towels in a separate drawer, but all that is worth it when considering the amount of apace this will free up for the bathroom.

Dish Towels

You can keep extra vintage towels in your bathroom to make use of it such as cleaning your mirror.

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