3 Ways an Arlington Plumber Can Help You Cope with Plumbing Emergencies

3 Ways an Arlington Plumber Can Help You Cope with Plumbing Emergencies
June 7, 2019 admin
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Plumbing problems are perhaps some of the most dangerous mishaps you will ever have to deal with as a homeowner. While it’s true to state that a properly maintained plumbing system lessens the chances of accidents happening, you should have contacts information of a reliable plumber close by in the event of a disaster.

Emergency Plumbing Disasters and Remedies

  1. Gas Leak

When you smell gas, know something is terribly wrong. Immediately call a plumber because gas leaks can quickly spiral out of control resulting in property loss and even loss of life. It’s very easy for the gas to ignite and cause personal injury and severe damage to property.

Also, when you suspect a gas leak, you should also make sure to turn off the main valve, stopping the flow of gas while you wait for the plumber.

  1. Heating Crisis

If you happen to notice a quick drop in room temperature, especially during the winter, then most likely you have a heating breakdown. You should immediately call an emergency this Arlington plumber, especially if you have vulnerable people in the house such as young children or elderly folks.

However, before calling a plumber, first, ascertain if the heating problem is a minor problem that you can easily sort out. Start with the thermostat to check if it was accidentally switched off. Also, check the burner switch, and if it’s been switched off, switch it on.

Another possible culprit for heating crisis is your home’s circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker engages, most of your electrical appliances stop working. Therefore, if your fridge, oven, and heating system are not working, check the circuit breaker and reset it.

If you check all of these and the heating is not back on, then you should call an emergency plumber to find the problem and repair it.

  1. Broken Pipes

Busted pipes are a common source of plumbing emergencies. However, before calling an emergency plumber, there are several steps you should take to prevent further damage.  First, close the main water valve. This restricts water flow into your home’s piping thereby reducing water damage.

If you do not know where the main valve is, instantly contact your plumber so that they can instruct you on where to find it before the plumber arrives. Additionally, if you have some plumbing equipment nearby, use them to stop the leak temporarily.

Even when you have a plumber’s number nearby, it is a good idea to have some plumbing equipment at home. They are useful should you get a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night since you can use them to at least outfit a temporary solution. Even when you cannot deal with the emergency, your plumber can walk you through some steps to mitigate the damage.

Other solutions to emergency plumbing problems call for a bit of thinking outside the box. For instance, if your bathroom sink is broken, you can use the kitchen sink until a plumber fixes the problem. However, always make sure you have a plumber’s number.

Having your plumber make routine inspections of your system goes a long way in avoiding these emergencies.

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