Brian C Jensen highlights the skills and traits of a payroll manager

Brian C Jensen highlights the skills and traits of a payroll manager
September 21, 2021 admin
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Most entrepreneurs have the skills for managing payroll in their business. Some of them want to advance payroll management with higher-level accounting functions. Business organizations hiring payroll management employees look for an experienced candidate who has worked in payroll for a few years. The post of managing payroll requires a bachelor’s degree and a professional designation is an advantage to the employee.

Brian C Jensen highlights the proficiency skills that an employer looks for while hiring employees to carry out the payroll functions

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Experience in payroll operations

The majority of business organizations look for professional payroll managers who have several years of experience in the field. Such employees know their way around the system, taking out the solution to the day-to-day problems. Irrespective of the organization’s size, payroll professionals must know how to handle the system helping entrepreneurs make the most of high-tech features. They can easily customize the portal and set up permissions in the payroll management system.

Street smartness in business

Employees looking for a payroll management position must master auditing data analysis and human resource management. In addition to being a payroll expert, an employee must be witty in other aspects of the business. Such an employee should be the jack of all and expertise in the field of payroll management. He must understand the complexity of a business organization, thereby handling departmental collaboration in any company.

Leadership skills

An entrepreneur hiring a payroll manager looks for leadership qualities in the employee. Therefore it is necessary to develop management skills and handle responsibilities effortlessly. They must enroll in leadership development courses and take part in such workshops to acquire management experience.

Outstanding soft skills

A payroll manager must possess multiple talents such as excellent written and verbal communication problem-solving skills and excellent time management techniques. An employer willing to acquire the position of a payroll manager must learn how to handle people from different work areas such as employees, board members, and government functionaries. He must be hardworking and ready to take the burden of work, thereby motivating the team members effectively, says Brian C Jensen.

Ensuring the compliance of the company

The payroll management system requires regular updates to highlight the legislative changes on different aspects of the business. A payroll supervisor takes the responsibility to ensure the company’s compliance with several requirements outside the industry. Payroll employees must have up-to-the-minute knowledge about such updates. They must attend webinars organized by professional companies to acquire information about the latest trends.

Acquiring the knowledge to work as a payroll manager requires a lot of time and effort. However, a payroll management position promises the employee the highest salary for their aptitude and talent. According to Brian C Jensen, most skilled and experienced managers working for a payroll system have enough room for growth even after earning a good salary. However, the initial compensation for the position of a payroll manager might vary for different organizations.

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