3 Dead in the Texas Church Shootout

3 Dead in the Texas Church Shootout
December 31, 2019 admin
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A man was responsible for pulling out the shotgun inside a church of North Texas on Sunday and open Shootout. This killed two people, as reported by the authorities. This could have led to several other injuries but that did not happen. Two volunteer members of the security team of the church were responsible for drawing their weapons. It is also in confronting the gunman, thereby shooting him, and saving numerous lives. This happened at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement. This is a town of almost 17000 people.

The action of the congregants was termed as Heroic by the Public Safety Department of Texas. They were responsible for bringing an end to the attack, which is under investigation. The authorities have not been able to provide any information regarding any motives. The officials have also not released any name of the Gunman or victims. According to the FBI special agent, Matthew DeSarno, it is believed that the gunman was from the locality but is transient.

The team responded within almost 6 seconds. The shooting was completely over because of the immediate response of the two volunteers, as stated by the late governor of Texas, Don Patrick.

Minister of the church

Britt Farmer, the senior minister of the church, stated that two great men have been lost but more lives could have been lost if these two people did not respond quickly. During the time of the open firing, almost 240 parishioners were present. The reason behind this is that the service of the church was live-streamed to numerous homes.

MedStar Mobile Healthcare was responsible for confirming two fatalities Marcus Debaise. One fatality was at the scene and the other while going to the hospital. After a few hours, the spokesman of the FBI, Jason Wandel, was responsible for confirming the death of another person as well. All of them were male.

One regional director of the Public Safety Department of Texas stated that the incident is tragic and terrible. It is especially during this beautiful season of holidays. The parishioners did not think of anything before shooting the Gunman. They were responsible for saving all the lives except for three victims, who were badly injured.

Weapons into the churches

The licensed owners of handguns can carry weapons into the churches of Texas provided that the signs of banning weapons are not posted. After this incident, the security of churches started becoming one major issue. Another gunman was also responsible for walking into a church of Sutherland Springs. It is almost two years ago killed 26 people. This is undoubtedly a scary thing and you are going to feel as if your life is running in front of you, as stated by Isabel Arreola.

In the live stream of the services of the church, it can be seen that the Gunman is getting up from the pew and talking to a person before he pulls his gun out and opens fires. After that, the parishioners started screaming and ducked under the pews. They started running to save themselves from shot. It can only hope that these incidents reduce and the officials issue a statement soon, regarding the motive of the gunman.

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