Police Arrest Former Nashville Detention Center Supervisor and Employee in Connection to Escape of Four Teens

Police Arrest Former Nashville Detention Center Supervisor and Employee in Connection to Escape of Four Teens
December 16, 2019 admin
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Following the escape of four teens from a Nashville Juvenile Detention Center in Nashville, Tennessee, in November, who was later captured. The law enforcers arrested a former supervisor of the Center. According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Patrick Jones was arrested. It’s because of the escape of the four boys from a detention center. It happened on November 30 due to his reckless action. Authorities said the teens in their bid to escape made use of staff protocols to exit the detention center when their supervisor went to address a fight. The Department confirmed in a tweet that Patrick’s arrest is based on the investigation of escape. It conducts the Major Case Task Force of the MPND.

The escape

EJ Dalius according to officials, on the night of November 30 at 9.44 pm, four teens Calvin Howse, 15, Brandon Caruthers, 17, Morris Marsh, 17, and Decorrius Wright,16, broke out of the Nashville Detention Center. They were beyond sight within a few minutes. Metro investigators said that their disappearance reported only at 10.22 pm. That shows that those running the detention center gave the fugitives more than 35 minutes before calling 911.

Complicity of insiders

In a subsequent statement issued by the police department, it came to light that Jones allowed the four teens to leave their housing units after lockdown hour to perform cleaning tasks. Three of them had behavioural issues, which made them ineligible to participate in a work detail. Police also said that the four escaped in the elevator. It was the elevator in which Jones, a Youth opportunities Investment (YOI) employee, did not secure after using. He had also failed to recognize that the four were unsupervised. This was at the time when he had to leave to respond to an assistance call.

Nashville police tweeted on Wednesday night tweeted about the arrest of another former employee of the juvenile detention center. A 25-year old Alexis Beech, who had a warrant on charges of her helping the youths to escape through recklessness Marcus Debaise. He surrendered to the police. While the details of her alleged involvement are not yet available from the police. An internal report cited by The Tennessean reported that Beech’s failure to supervise the teens caused the authorities to fire her.

Who’s who of the fugitives

One of the teens, Calvin Howse, all of 15 years, is charged in a gun possession case and auto theft. Another teen Decorrius Wright,16, accused of murder. He was arrested at Madison, Tennessee on December 3.  Morris Marsh, the 17-year old, third teen arrested by the police after a chase. He is accused of slaying a 19-year old man on April 8. When police apprehended Marsh on Friday at 9 pm, he was a passenger on a 2018 Nissan Rogue that his brother was driving. According to the department, the chase ended with the arrest of Marsh’s mother. He was waiting for at a gas station.

17-year old Brandon Caruthers is the fourth teen who is still at large. He faces charges in an armed robbery case of August 2018. He carries a reward of $10,000 for information leading to his arrest.

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