The Advantages of Travelling In a Group

The Advantages of Travelling In a Group
June 12, 2019 admin
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A large number of travelers believe that travelling, although deeply enjoyable, should be a personal experience. While there is some element of credibility in that, there are numerous benefits in it as a group, as opposed to individually. Here are some of the advantages of travelling in a group.


Travelling is fun, but having someone to talk to and share one’s experiences with makes the trip even more meaningful. Being alone in a foreign land and having nobody to talk to can be difficult. Long train rides, performance tours or those lengthy layovers are always better in a group setting than they are travelling individually. In groups, passing the time will be easier as there are many activities one could engage in; play games, tell stories or simply explore together.


Some activities on the road are simply easier to do in a group. Squeezing one’s face in a shot of the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal can be all kinds of awkward when done alone. Handing over one’s camera to a local, sometimes might not be such a good idea. When travelling in a group, there will always be someone to take photos of the other person.


One of the biggest concerns that many tourists have, especially when travelling to countries they have never been to before, is the level of security in the area. It is no use having one’s travel plans derailed by security scares, or always having the nagging feeling of fear when travelling. Travelling in a group, however, has the advantage of safety in numbers. The safety of numbers is more than just security. A group of tourists becomes less of a target than a single one. Driving a hard bargain with a local trader or haggling for taxis becomes easier. Also, if one gets sick or injured, there are people available to help out.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone

Travelling alone is good for relaxation and recharging, but for those looking for adventure, travelling in groups is the way to go. In a group setting, there is a bigger push to have one participate in activities they normally would not have participated in had they been alone. In a group, nobody wants to be left behind when people go scuba diving, mountain climbing or jumping off that cliff into a body of water. Groups force travellers out of their comfort zones and push them to be braver and try out new things. Peer pressure is the ultimate motivator for those looking for new experiences.

Making new friends

Group travel does not necessarily have to be with people one knows or has planned to go for the trip with. When travelling in a group, one gets to meet other travellers from across the world, all with a passion for travel and other related common interests. Learning about other people’s cultures, motivations and ways of life is always a profound and lasting experience. However, when travelling with friends, choose wisely. Travelling with people one does not get along with for several days can be a horrendous experience.



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