Analog Travel Alarm Clock, No Ticking, Alarm, Snooze, Light, Pink

  • COMPLETELY SILENT – The Travelwey Bedside Analog Clock comprises a sweep second hand that is completely, non ticking, silent ideal for those who need complete silence to fall asleep.
  • ALARM AND SNOOZE – The alarm is loud and rings until turned off. The snooze allows the alarm to ring every 5 minutes until switched off. You will never sleep through the Travelwey Alarm Clock!
  • LUMINOUS HANDS PLUS LIGHT ON DEMAND – If the analog clock is exposed to strong sunlight during the day the luminous hands and digits will glow in darkness for up to 4 hours. For longer periods, just a quick tap on the clocks top button and the full clock face will illuminate.
  • HARD PLASTIC CASING, BATTERY OPERATED – Don’t worry if this clock is dropped. The hard plastic casing makes this clock very durable. Ideal when travelling or equally perfect for a desk or bedroom. The desktop alarm clock is battery operated, single AA.
  • NEW TRAVEL LOCK – No need to remove the battery when travelling, the convenient travel lock ensures the top button is not pressed in your luggage which would otherwise activate the light and drain the battery.

SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS have been made to our Analog Clock, removing all the flaws that customers have let us know about over the years

  • LARGER ALARM ON/OFF SWITCH now coloured and repositioned for easier access.
  • HIGHER QUALITY clockwork mechanism for better accuracy.
  • 85% OF ORIGINAL SIZE easier if travelling.
  • NEW TRAVEL LOCK SWITCH to ensure the light button is not accidently turned on whilst travelling, draining the battery.
  • ALKALINE BATTERIES can now be used, more accessible.


  • Luminous hands and digits
  • Backlight on demand
  • Sweep second hand
  • Completely silent (no ticking)
  • Repeating snooze alarm
  • Easy to read display
  • Quartz accuracy
  • Travel Lock, to prevent battery drainage when travelling
  • Size 70 x 70 x 40 millimeters
  • Requires single AA battery
NO TICKING – Quiet as a mouse. The sweep second hand is completely silent, a plus for light sleepers.
ALARM ON/OFF SWITCH – The redeisgned alarm on/off switch has been repositioned and enlarged so it is no longer necessary to look behind the clock to find it. Just reach round and you can easily feel the switch. The colour has also been changed so that is is very clear to spot, if necessary.
TRAVEL LOCK – The new Travel Lock means you no longer need to remove the battery to prevent the top light button being accidentally activated whilst in your luggage and thus draining the battery. Simply slide the switch across and the light button locks in the off position.
SNOOZE – For those that take a little longer to wake up, just tap the snooze button and the alarm will stop for 5 minutes. You can repeatedly snooze until the alarm on/off is switched to off.
LIGHT – Though the hands and dials are luminous, insufficent sunlight can make it difficult to see, therefore we have incorporated an on demand light. Just hit the top and the whole clockface will light up, making it easy to see the time at night.