Clean-dirty Dishwasher Magnet. FINALLY no more frustrating dishwasher mistakes!

  • Big 3.5” size instantly tells you clean or dirty
  • Super-brilliant eye-grabbing vivid color
  • Rock-hard protective finish lasts a lifetime
  • Cute gift idea. Attractive gift box included FREE!
  • 100% Handmade in the USA by Aloha Girls Gifts

This magnet is more than just something to stick on your dishwasher. Our beautiful dishwasher magnet will be a talk-piece of your kitchen, not only for its highly attractive appearance but also for its simple, but highly effective, functionality. This is not your typical small refrigerator magnet. It’s big 3.5″ size can be easily seen from across the room, instantly shouting out to your family and guests that the dishwasher is clean or dirty. This finally solves- in a fun way-  the age-old problem of accidentally putting dirty glasses, dishes, and utensis in with the dirty ones- saving you time and wasted money re-running the dishwasher all the time! The retro-style American Housewife theme will catch the attention of all that come into your kitchen and one you can be proud to display. The images are a throw-back to the good old days of America!