Toyota Launches the All-New Aqua

Toyota Launches the All-New Aqua
August 14, 2021 admin
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Toyota announced the launch of the all-new model of its bestselling car, Aqua, which has already sold more than 1.87 million units globally since the first model rolled off the manufacturing line in 2011. A hybrid electric-only compact car, the new Aqua has been redesigned to deliver 20% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor and achieves a fuel efficiency of 35.8 km per liter combined with the high-quality comfortable ride associated with electric vehicles. As may be expected from a Toyota vehicle, the Aqua does not stint on the equipment.

Pioneering Battery Technology 

The new Aqua is the first car in the world to use a high-output bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery to power its electric drive. It delivers around two times the power of the nickel-hydrogen battery fitted in the Aqua of the previous generation. The high-tech battery allows the delivery of improved responsiveness of the accelerator and a smooth and linear pickup even from low speeds. The power-packed battery extends the range of the vehicle and allows it to run using only electricity in a wide variety of roles in the urban scenario.

New Comfort Pedal Delivers Matchless Hybrid Electric Vehicle Driving Experience 

The new Aqua becomes the first Toyota car to feature the innovative Comfort Pedal. When the Power+ mode is selected, all that a driver has to do to slow the vehicle and generate regenerative braking force is to reduce the pressure on the accelerator pedal. Not only does this technology result in responsive feedback but also reduces driver fatigue by reducing the frequency of pressing the accelerator and brake pedals. For greater safety and peace of mind on snowy roads, the Aqua features E-Four that provides better traction with AWD.

Safety – A Top Priority

With the Aqua mean for everyday use by its owners, safety is high on the list of priorities at Toyota. As a result, the new Aqua features multiple safety and security features. It comes with the latest refinement of Toyota Safety Sense as standard, which has several cutting-advanced safety functions. The re-collision safety function acts to warn drivers of the possibility of accidents that can occur when turning at intersections as well as more comfortable driving with its Full-Speed Range Radar Cruise Control. The car is assisted to stay centered in its lane with Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) steering support while sudden acceleration with the accelerator pedal being wrongly applied is prevented by the Plus support control. The all-new Aqua also comes with a Toyota Teammate Advanced Park system that provides support to the driver for all parking-related operations. Additionally, the system can detect objects in front and behind the car as well as on either side to help avoid collisions.

Advanced design

The TNGA (GA-B) platform ensures a highly rigid body that not only provides a stable ride but also exceptional quietness. With an extra 50 mm extension of the wheelbase, rear-seat passengers get more seating and luggage space. The exterior is smartly designed and offers a unified silhouette befitting a modern car, while the interior exceeds all expectations in terms of finish and accessories.

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