Top Product Launches Online to Jazz up Your Life despite COVID

Top Product Launches Online to Jazz up Your Life despite COVID
August 13, 2021 admin
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Even though the COVID-19 global pandemic had initially brought life to a standstill because of home isolation and social distancing, many new products were launched recently to pep up your lifestyle despite the negative impact of the coronavirus worldwide. Brand new products have constantly emerged and people are finding it difficult to decide what products to buy in 2021.

Rainbow Flatware/ Cutlery Set

It is now time for your flatware to go through a makeover. Rainbow-colored flatware is certainly one of the hottest selling new products in the home & kitchenware segment. You could buy this stunning set of rainbow flatware for your home use or your restaurant business. Rainbow flatware is generally available as a unique 20 piece premium quality dinnerware set, and that may include 4 Place Forks, 4 Place Spoons, 4 Salad Forks, 4 Place Knives, and 4 Tea or Coffee Spoons.

The rainbow dinnerware is a stainless silverware set that is colorful and electroplated with a mirror polish finish for enhancing the overall style and look of your tableware. You can now add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your dinnerware so that you can enjoy your meals even more. The multicolor Rainbow Flatware could be a perfect gift for weddings, Mother’s Day, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, or even Valentine’s Day. The stunning dinnerware comes in a beautifully packaged box. One of the top brands of rainbow flatware is Oberlo.

Bio Magnetic Ear Sticker to Boost Weight Loss

Can you imagine that earrings would be helping you in losing weight? We have recently witnessed the launch of biomagnetic ear stickers that are known to help you in shedding pounds. You could wear them so that they can apply some pressure on your earlobes. Biomagnetic ear stickers are developed as an effective form of acupuncture. As the magnets start exerting pressure on certain parts of your ears, your blood flow will be stimulated. 

Magnets ultimately help in bringing about reasonable weight loss. Wear a pair of Bio Magnetic Ear Stickers for aiding noticeable weight loss. These sticker earrings or studs are effective in dealing with various pressure points on your ears called auriculotherapy. Due to the exponentially rising overweight or obese population worldwide, the biomagnetic ear sticker market will be witnessing noteworthy growth very soon. Some leading suppliers and manufacturers of bio-magnetic ear stickers are Auritech Medical, Inc. Waymire, SIA Joom, and Viola Biotech Private Ltd.

Cat Self Groomer

Grooming is crucial for your pet. Cats can be pretty demanding, but you would certainly love to pamper your favorite pets. Often it becomes quite challenging to find time in your hectic schedule to groom your cat. It is precisely why this new product has been launched. It is a self-grooming product that helps your pet to relax and enjoy a great rub and even get rid of knots and loose hair. You could strategically place this self-grooming tool in any corner of your home. Your cat can safely use it without requiring any assistance from you. It surely is a cool product that helps in giving your pet a good rejuvenating massage. 

Hair Removal Epilator

The top new products are supposed to get perfect solutions for burning issues, and hair removal epilators launched in 2021 seem to be a fabulous example. Due to COVID-19 dictates, all salons and beauty parlors were closed indefinitely. Even though salons have opened up today, very few people are using their services because they are worried about getting infected. As such, it calls for self-grooming. Many women had a tough time with eyebrow trimming or removing upper lip hair on their own. These people are all now excited about the launch of the latest hair removal epilator. You can get rid of unwanted hair and even destroy hair roots to a certain extent. Hair regrowth takes place after a reasonably long time. Hence, it is much better than an electric shaver. Moreover, the new hair is much thinner. 


We have discussed some of the cool new products launched this year. You will be spoilt for choices as there have been numerous product launches in diverse segments.

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