Some of the Top Product Launches of Dell Technologies World in 2021

Some of the Top Product Launches of Dell Technologies World in 2021
August 12, 2021 admin
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We have witnessed some significant launches from Dell Technologies World in May 2021, and all of them revolved around Apex, the new flagship of Dell as essentially a service portfolio. Apex has been launched for replacing Dell Technologies Cloud services and offerings. It dramatically transforms the way channel partners and customers sell, buy, deploy, maintain, and manage the exhaustive infrastructure product portfolio of Dell. From Apex and the latest Edge Reference Architecture to a new association and partnership with Equinix, let us examine some of the top product launch announcements that came up in May 2021 from Dell Technologies World.

Dell’s Latest ‘Manufacturing Edge Reference Architecture’

Dell has launched its latest ‘Manufacturing Edge Reference Architecture’ along with PTC which is known to integrate with the ‘Apex Private Cloud’. The all-new edge reference architecture has been launched to help manufacturing organizations in gaining valuable insights from mobile devices, computers, workstations, and some other endpoints very much within the manufacturing setting. Thanks to the easy access to edge data in a single place, organizations are now capable of boosting production line reliability, reducing operational expenses, and making well-informed real-time decisions. 

Apex Data Storage Services

Dell has launched the latest Apex Data Storage Services that is supposed to be its first-ever infrastructure as essentially a service offering. It provides a portfolio of elastic and scalable storage resources. It is supposed to be the best because of transparent pricing and no overage charges with performance, unparalleled in a typical public cloud scenario. Companies may pay just for the services they use. There will be no overages, and organizations will enjoy single-rate transparency.

Apex Custom Solutions

Dell Technologies World has also come up with Apex Custom Solutions in 2021. It has launched one of the largest infrastructure portfolios in the industry today to clients as a service. It is supposed to be Dell’s more flexible offering that lets clients come up with their unique on-demand as-a-service environment than Apex Data Storage and Apex Cloud Services. There are two choices available from Apex Custom Solutions: Apex Data Center Utility and Apex Flex on Demand.

Apex Console

Apex Console is Dell’s latest self-service console where both the channel partners and customers can conduct and manage the entire Apex Lifecycle of a specific business. The Apex Console is predominantly used for identifying and subscribing to Apex services catering to their requirements, while Dell is responsible for matching the services and technology for delivering the much-aspired results. 

The console is best for providing seamless management and monitoring of Apex services for catering to the changing requirements of their business. It should be guiding them throughout the technology lifecycle, beginning with the unveiling via deployment, subscription, optimization, and monitoring via growing services and end-of-life decommissioning. All this is available in a single place. It could be used for assessing the performance and monitoring the health of all the specific Apex resources that have been deployed at some other location.

Dell Technologies World has come up with multiple mind-blowing product launches in 2021 for creating a more competent, competitive, and efficient work environment in 2021.

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