News Update on New Beverage Launches in 2021

News Update on New Beverage Launches in 2021
August 8, 2021 admin
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The beer market in the United States is currently in a state of dramatic transformation or influx. Consumers today are more interested in a diverse assortment of alcoholic beverages and are not content with just the conventional wine or spirits. There is a growing demand for spiked teas, spiked seltzers, RTD or ‘Ready to Drink’ mixed drinks, cider, and more. However, beer is supposed to be the biggest chunk of the US alcoholic beverage segment, but its total domination for years seems to be declining. Various products have been launched across all categories of the US beverage industry. 

Bombay Bramble

Bombay Bramble has been launched by the brand Bombay Sapphire in the United States. It is a new gin that is rich in natural berry flavors. According to the brand’s spokesperson, Bombay Sapphire is continuing its habit of challenging traditional techniques with the introduction of Bombay Bramble that goes beyond set boundaries of color and flavor by creating a magical blend of its vapor distilled gin along with authentic fruit infusion. You can see the distinctive crimson color and enjoy the rich berry flavor. The essence of ripe raspberries and blackberries seems to shine through. It is well-balanced with the gin’s vibrant juniper notes. Bombay Bramble was launched to meet the summer craze for such beverages. You may serve it with equal proportions of tonic and soda and enjoy the ripe berry flavor.

Naked Indulgent

PepsiCo’s smoothie and juice brand has come up with its new product in 2021 called the Indulgent Protein. This brand new product is currently available in the United States of America, and it is a non-GMO project with vegan certification. It is composed of 30 grams of plant protein and is free from all sorts of preservatives. It is a good source of iron. Naked Indulgent is available in two rich flavors like velvety vanilla protein and rich chocolate protein.

PepsiCo’s Soulboost

Soulboost has been launched by PepsiCo, as the latest functional sparkling water. It is infused with top ingredients such as Panax ginseng, and L-theanine. The beverage has been launched to target wellness-focused customers and even the 11.3 billion enhanced water categories worldwide. Soulboost is currently available in four distinctive flavor profiles containing 10-20 calories in every 12-ounce can. Soulboost products have 200 mg L-theanine and 200 mg Panax. It comes in strawberry, passion fruit, and blueberry flavors. According to the brand’s spokesperson, PepsiCo’s Soulboost is a sparkling and great-tasting water beverage that helps you in enjoying the moment. It helps in boosting mental or emotional stamina to tackle a busy day. It may help in soothing or relaxing your senses so that you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Lemon Gin Soda by Good Sunday

Canadian lower alcohol gin soda premium brand Good Sunday came up with a brand new flavor called the Lemon Gin Soda. It is a wonderful mix of real lemon juice, local Ontario gin, and freshly carbonated water. It contains 100 calories, 3 percent of ABV, and 1gram of sugar. It will be in action this spring in British Columbia and Ontario with plans of expansion across Canada.

Numerous other beverages have been launched in 2021. Flying Fish has introduced a hard seltzer currently in South Africa. A vitamin-infused drink has been launched by Flow Alkaline Spring Water. Perrier Energize is supposed to be the brand Perrier’s first-ever carbonated energy drink. Moreover, the Naked Collective with Acosta is all set to launch a host of healthy beverages in Canada and the United States of America. 

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