The Best WordPress Database Plug-ins for 2020

The Best WordPress Database Plug-ins for 2020
April 2, 2020 admin
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A database is the lifeforce of a WordPress site. It processes, structures, and stores the data seamlessly. However, entrepreneurs and business owners should know that the databases are delicate. It is necessary to back it up. They should also know that they can enhance database performance. For that, it is essential to opt-in for the best WordPress database plug-ins, which will enhance the webmaster’s experience with a database.

It’s essential to know that databases comprise articles, revision posts, comments, user roles, and multiple data forms. All these put together helps to run a website correctly. Business owners and entrepreneurs must work hard not to lose their database.

The relevance of WordPress

Almost everyone is aware of the way WordPress functions today! Its popularity is because of the platforms that maximize internet use. Today, you have umpteen choices for designing tools and websites for free. WordPress has left a permanent mark as a leading website builder platform for multiple blog types and businesses. Several websites run on a single platform. And this makes it simple to manage the sites and ultimately optimize the same regularly to ensure that it will not close down. You should also ensure that a website is 100% safe. It also needs to stay optimized for enhanced performance so that the redundant files get cleaned up. You can also eliminate the same from the databases. To know more about this, you can check out

Databases can never get overlooked while you manage the website! It’s because all things that get uploaded on the site, get saved in databases. And if that stays for a longer time, there are chances of it getting clunky and messy. Hence, if you decide to make use of a WordPress plug-in, you need to choose smart options.

The relevance of the WordPress database plug-ins

The content your website publishes gets stored in the MySQL database. Hence, if the majority of files get removed from a database, only the websites stay as the dominant name. Also, almost every site has multiple databases, which represents the current and published content on the website.

When an eCommerce site loses its database, it will also lose customers. Similarly, a blog site will have nothing to showcase without its content. Hence, such a site is useless. Therefore, it is necessary to select the WordPress database plug-ins to ensure that your website is secure and live.

The benefits of WordPress database plug-ins include:

  • The helps to optimize the website performance by delivering the requested output at high speed, each time an online user visits a website.
  • It provides extra space for the database by removing the unwanted and redundant files.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that works automatically and is safe for the database.
  • That provides several inputs for boosting website performance.
  • This helps to store the data backup in the database for securing all the data.

The multiple WordPress database plug-ins

There are several WordPress database plug-ins that you can use. The prominent ones are:

  1. WordPress Database Search & Replace plug-in

It is one of the high-end plug-ins that you can opt-in for! Being a new plug-in tool, it has advanced technology for setting up the ideal functions which get tested on vast databases. It comprises of the capacity for a single click database restore and backup. It also allows a mass to replace texts or URLs. You can also run the SQL queries, modify the table prefixes, and import multiple databases. Furthermore, the plug-in comes with a clear and clean design along with user-friendly screens. You can import, replace as well as export the functions quicker than the free plug-ins with advanced technology.

  1. WP-Optimize

A database stores all the data about a website. It includes the plug-in configuration, comments, theme configuration files, and many more. It also stores the post revisions and lessens the speed of your website with time. The database operations might take some time to implement because of the database cluster. It is here you can resort to WP-Optimize, which acts as a magic plug-in and regulates the database health. It serves as the best optimization tool. You can use the options such as disabling and enabling trackbacks on the published posts. It also helps you to clear the auto-draft posts. Furthermore, the plug-in also outlines the crucial and critical changes in red. It is one plug-in that you should opt-in if you are planning to use WordPress to create your business website.

  1. WP-DB Manager

It is a basic WordPress optimized plug-in that provides several database functions. It is highly effective. And using this plug-in, you can opt-in for many operations such as database backup, database optimization, database restoration, manage tablets, and many more. It also helps you to run the queries effectively. The plug-in is perfect for advanced users. Are you not sure about what you want to do with this plug-in on your website? If you resonate with that, it’s always best to ask for help from a database solution provider. The WP-DB Manager is also useful for repairing purposes.

  1. RegeX + DbackupeX

It is one of the premium WordPress plug-ins. You can use it for user management for the site. Have you used Ajax, PHP7, or the HTML5 technology before? If yes, then you will find the RegeX an advanced and a much secure log-in that helps to optimize the speed. It is also user-friendly. So, with a little handholding, you can reap the advantages.

The RegeX comprises of two free plug-ins, i.e., the ImageX and the DbackupeX. It offers you an advanced one-click backup. You can also restore the databases and manage the images on the WordPress website as well. A few of the extra features that RegeX comprises of include:

  • Effective back and frontend user management.
  • Password security operations.
  • Redirect management.
  • Customized 404 page.
  • Auto-cleaning databases.
  • Pre-made contact along with support pages.
  • Multi-language assistance.
  • Emails along with templates.

It is essential for business owners and website owners to function their WordPress site optimally. The plug-ins mentioned above are known for their innovative features and seamless database management. Keeping in mind the 2020 competitive online landscape, these plug-ins will help you to thrive and function optimally.

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