Death threat for President Trump from Mr. Gravelle from Connecticut

Death threat for President Trump from Mr. Gravelle from Connecticut
January 14, 2020 admin
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A man from Connecticut plead guilty for several frauds! And one of the hoaxes included forwarding a letter with a death threat for President Trump. This man is Gary Joseph Gravelle. At 52, the main is experiencing jail time for forwarding scary messages. He was found guilty at the United States District Court, Bridgeport. The man also has seven criminal charges on him based on the threats which he made back in September 2018. Mr. John H. Durham, a Connecticut attorney, provided these

Mr. Gravelle and his deeds

Mr. Gravelle confessed that he had sent a threatening letter with anthrax to President Trump. That is not all! The main also forwarded similar messages to scare other mental health providers and federal probation officers. His threatening letters revealed that he wanted to explore New Haven facilities, a Bristol credit union, and Washington based federal prison as well. One of his threats stated that he wants to explode planes and the Burlington International Airport property as well.

The punishment

Mr. Gravelle, also called Roland Prejean, has been sentenced to 60 years of jail time. He also needs to pay several fines as he gets sentenced on March 26th. The man will have to witness extended prison time for breaching the supervised release.

However, according to lawyer J. Patten Brown III, who will be representing Mr. Gravelle, the letters were all plea for help. He also stated that it’s a pity that today people send people to jail, who, in reality, should be sent to mental institutions. Mr. Brown also suggested that after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many penalties have become stringent for such threats. He added that before 9/11, the police authorities would merely send F.B.I agents to scream at people. Also, in recent times such threats against prominent officials have increased.

A few threat instances to know

Back in December, a man from New Jersey had to face jail time because he threatened to kill Frank LoBiondo, a former U.S representative, and his staff. This is a man of 40 years, named Joseph Brodie from Millville. He was asking for help in health care, which he received from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs. The prosecutor said he went on with his threat after his appeal to meet a congress member, got denied.

Also, back in June, a man from Long Island got sentenced with 18 months of jail time. He had threatened to murder two U.S senators. It was because of their retaliation to assist Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination at Supreme Court. During this time, another man from Florida was found guilty of calling Congress members and sending racist messages with murder threats. This man’s name is John J. Kless, and he had to witness a year and one day of jail time. There was also a supervised release by three years and a fine of $100.

Gravelle’s current situation

Mr. Gravelle has been declared guilty for dangerously relaying incorrect data concerning an explosive. The minimum jail time for this is ten years. He pleaded guilty for the letter with anthrax, which results in 5 years of prison. One has to wait and see the way the court tackles this case and provides the verdict.

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