Americans feel that Soleimani killing has made the US less safe

Americans feel that Soleimani killing has made the US less safe
January 14, 2020 admin
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As concerns about the potential consequences of the killing of General Qasem Soleimaniin the US drone strike keep growing. So, a poll conducted by USA Today finds that more than 2-1 Americans feel that the incidents made the US less safe. The majority of the respondents (52%) held Trump’s behaviour as reckless. The survey conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday before the Iranian airstrikes at the two airbases in Iran. It was manned by 1,500 American, allied, and also Iraqi troops. They also include 1005 adults. The survey completed before Wednesday’s address to the nation by President Trump.

The drone strike at the Baghdad airport has drawn sharply divided response from the Americans who participated in the survey as 52% denounced trump’s behaviour as reckless. The drone attack in Baghdad that killed Soleimani and others has left the American’s sharply divided.  Against 42% supporting the attack, 33% condemned it, and 25% did not know what to say. Independents were equally divided in their opinion, and Republicans supported it more than the Democrats.

Serious concern about America’s safety

There was overwhelming agreement that the possibilities of Iran targeting American interest. It was in the Middle East have gone up many more times. 69% of respondents see it coming, 63% believe that there would be a sharp increase in terrorist attacks on American soil, and 62% can see that a war between the US and Iran is in the offing.  Another view gaining traction is that the attack would hasten the process of nuclear weapon acquisition by Iran.

Americans by 55%-24% agree that there is enough reason to be sceptical about the safety of America after the killing of Soleimani. The same was the view of a third of the Republicans, who typically support the president.

Political motive

By 47%-39%, those surveyed saw the attack as a move to serve a domestic political agenda. They believed that Trump had ordered the killing of Soleimani only to divert people’s attention from his impeachment. There was marked opposition to the idea of deferring the Senate impeachment trial until resolution of the crisis with Iran.

Congressional Democrats have protested the attacks as the Trump administration undertook the action without consulting the Congressional leaders. On Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would vote on Thursday to compel Trump to wind down military action against Iranian 30 days if not approved by Congress. The measure is likely to pass the Senate controlled by the Republicans.

Limiting Trump’s power

A vast majority of 53% -33% of the participants of the survey are in favour of making Trump seek Congressional approval for ordering military strikes or declaring war. The view found support with 78% of Democrats and 54% of Independents with only 24% of Republicans agreeing to it.

The conflict between America and Iran is on top of most American minds, but the division among people about Soleimani killing has divided the public. The support for the killing hinges around how people view Soleimani, a terrorist, or a government official. While killing a terrorist would find good support, the killing of a government official would be off-limits.

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